About Me

I am a child of God, a wife to Mike, a mother to the two E’s, a daughter, a sister, a Christ follower, a United Methodist pastor, and a sugar-based life form. I don’t have the answers and I certainly don’t have all the questions but I’m on the journey and am trying to walk the walk.

I started this blog when diagnosed with a brain tumor in May 2010, so I’ve walked this journey of cancer, but life is not about that one instance, it’s about the walking in between. You’ll see sermons, reflections, and health bits (I believe in the power of prayer!!).  I’ve been privileged to walk alongside college students in campus ministry 15 years.  I’ve been walking with all ages in a church setting for 6 years…

The most important thing I’ve learned is that it’s good to have fellow journeyers.  “It is the shelter of another that the people live.”  Amen.  None of us walks this path alone.  I am thankful for the community of faith and support that surrounds and the Spirit that guides and leads!

We recorded the story of my second brain surgery in 2013 on my friend and colleague’s Art of the Sermon podcast in 2016:  http://www.defininggrace.com/aots/033/

Fast forward to the present…I’m excited to see where the Triune God leads.  As Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”  Lord, make a way!!

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Narcie,
    I just wanted you to know that I and many in the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference are praying for you.

    Grace and Peace,
    Lew Wilder

  2. Narcie,
    I started reading your blog when you dad told me about your tumor before Annual Conference. You and your family have been on our pray list and this will continue. Your testimony is a wonderful example of walking in faith with our Lord. We love your dad and we love you.
    Peace and Grace,

  3. Hi Narice,
    I just found your blog randomly and I love it! I’m a cancer survivor and Christ-follower. I’m going to go read some more of your posts, but so far I love it all! You rock, thanks for sharing so much!
    -rose duggan aka happyhippierose

  4. Looking forward to hearing about your journey as you begin to embrace and become an integral part of the Gator Wesley family! – Mark Mitchell, Class of ’89

  5. I stumbled upon your blog while looking up something about The Avengers (Thank you, God and Google). I have truly enjoyed your writing. My husband and I have a concert ministry and host an internet radio program as well as work in a UMC church in Texas. It’s always great to find others who love Jesus and Gungor as much as we do 😉 Blessings!

  6. Narice,

    Welcome to Florida! My daughter Sydney Jones is involved at Gator Wesley and her Dad & my spouse is a UM Pastor in Jacksonville, FL. We are appointed to Southside UMC. My daughter is working at Leesburg this summer at the Warren Willis UMC Camp. She is looking forward to working with you and can’t wait for the fall semester. Please know that we are praying for you & your family. We know the difficult job in moving with young kids. May God continue you to bless you & your special family.

    In Christ,
    Haley B. Jones

  7. Pastor Mike Smith forwarded your current blog to us on FB…you are a brave and amazing Child of God…certainly deserving our prayers! May The Lord lift you up with His all-powerful hands and grant you healing…you’ve so much good left to do in your life! May the Blessings of Easter surround you…

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