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For Now

So just had a good lunch with some clergywomen!  Love!  When I came back to Wesley playing was a song from Avenue Q called “For Now.”  Love the show and the song and so true…For Now from Avenue Q

Mike and I had the pleasure of going on the campus ministry trip to Harlem a couple weeks ago and we took the students from Winthrop Wesley to see Avenue Q.  Yep a little on the edge, but totally fitting for college students.

Stuff is for now…but we know the One who is bigger than time and anything else we’re dealing with here on this crazy planet.

4 thoughts on “For Now

  1. Narcie,
    We have been praying for you diligently since we heard the news. As the song says, “Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope..” We pray you are healed in Jesus’ Name. We are thinking of you and are staying updated on everything.
    Bob, Amanda, Taylor, and Hannah

  2. Nacie, know that “we” at Winthrop are praying for you. This makes me wonder why bad things happen to such good people. I know I should not judge or even question but it’s hard not to. You have so many people praying for you and here to help you in any way possible. Thanks for the updates and the blog. Your faith is shinig through. God bless.

  3. Narcie,
    I just read your blog and I want you to know I am thinking of you and have you and your family in my prayers. I know you are a fighter and will fight hard!! Thanks for keeping us updated! Allana

  4. Narcie, I just read this. I will keep you in my prayers. I love the fighter in you. I will be at war alongside you in my prayers.

    Much Love my sister,


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