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Everybody Loves Raymond

So the episode is on right now when Raymond gives Debra the “happy pills” to take care of her PMS. It cracks me up every time. I know some people are not fans of the show but when there’s nothing on TV like there’s not really tonight and you want a little amusement – this works.

We had a great 3rd birthday for Enoch tonight! And we’re all pooped now. GiGi picked up a great dinner from Sahara (a Mediterranean restaurant in Rock Hill that we hope will make it because it’s delicious!), the Choo-choo cake was ready to go and Mac Mac and Uncle Josh put together the new wagon. Grammy even gave the kids a bath. I don’t think Enoch could decide which gift he liked more or which ones he wanted to sleep with – the choo choos, guitar, or fish game and finally with the reading of a story, he went to sleep. What a day/night!

To keep you updated with the latest in doctor land, we went to see the neurologist today. Nope, he is not the same as the neurosurgeon, although I never knew those were the same, but hey what do I know? So several pieces of paperwork filled out (I am so excited about the technology being created where all of your medical info is in one place, I can even begin to contain my hope – we need to all invest in it.) and lots of questions later, we ended up with more appointments.

I know that all of these doctors/medical folk need answers and that they’re hearing it for the first time and I should be nice and tell them the whole thing again, but part of me wanted to say – read the blog. Or read the chart. Or communicate with the others. No, I don’t remember if one side shook more than the other. Nope, I don’t think one side was slower than the other probably because I landed on one side. Nope, I haven’t had any seizures before. Sure I can close my eyes and put my arms out and touch my nose with my fingertips (I have now done this for three doctors.)

I am thankful for these questions because I know they need this info and thorough is good. But boy is it frustrating. A friend of mine called shortly after and I was telling him that I think our insurance is going to hate me and he very hilariously said that by the end of this I’m going to be for Obama-care. (No I do not want to debate this and I love you but I don’t want a gazillion op-eds on healthcare reform.) It just made me think a lot about the privilege it is to be able to go to all these different people and have them each treat me. I mean this thing happened a week ago right now. A week ago possibly from this very moment and I’ve been to an er, done a gazillion tests, been driven back to SC by an amazing Edward, been supported and loved by family, been hugely humbled and amazed by the support and prayers of a larger community than I knew existed, gone to see a neurosurgeon and a neurologist. Everyone doesn’t have support like this. Everyone doesn’t have care like this. And I’m complaining about filling out forms. And I am still complaining. It’s annoying. But at least I have that opportunity. I feel like I’ve got so little answers to give but what if I had absolutley no info or answers and I hadn’t even seen anyone yet?

So what do we know today – the neurologist here likes the seizure meds that the neurologist in Virginia gave me so he gave me some more refills on that. He reminded me about the 6 months no driving thing (that still sort of stinks). And he scheduled a sleep deprived EEG for the end of June. What is a sleep deprived EEG you ask? Well, apparently I go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 2 am and then stay awake without drinking caffeine or eating chocolate and then I go get an EEG at 7:30 am. What that is checking I have no idea, but that’s where I’ll be early in the morning on June 26th.

The only other new info I have is that I got the folder for pre-op, op, and post-op today. Now that is exciting. Still haven’t looked up what this surgery is exactly but a wise nurse friend told me that it would be better to read what it is after the surgery than to gross myself out before. So pre-op on Monday, MRI and functional MRI which apparently has cool colors on Tuesday, and surgery on Friday.

I’m telling you I love this show. Marie just said, “Frank we’re having company.” And he answers, “They better like swearing.” LOL. I like this show because it’s real. And I love y’all my massively amazing community because you’re real. I love that your joining together across the web for the simple fact that I love people being community together but also because it makes me happy that our “connection” is alive and well. I’m not just talking about the United Methodist one although you know I believe that too, but I’m talking about the connection of people of faith, that belief that there is a different world possible. The hope that if we all could unite together we could change our worlds – one can of soup or smile or vote or radical choice at a time.

It’s the life – the every day – the Everybody Loves Raymond moments that are the meat – the good stuff. These are the things we cherish. These are the opportunities that we take for granted but we should be oh so thankful for. The times that we let loose and were our real, God created selves, warts, tiaras and all.

So may we find grace in the little things. May we see the marks on the walls, the scuffs on our shoes, and the grooves in our paths not as just tired wear and tear but as the everyday treasures of grace, hope, and keep on keepin’ on that make it all worth it! Praise God that it’s not all smoothed out and clean – how boring would that be! Will continue to keep you posted. Thanks for the prayers! Keep rockin it out!

9 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Raymond

  1. Hey Narcie!!!

    Glad you had a good b-day with Enoch. Isn’t it just like a guy (albeit a little one) to not know which new boy toy he should sleep with??!! We gals go right to the most sentimental gadget and we’re done with it…

    Thanks for gathering us to share your news the other day. I know you did it for convenience, but it was the right and perfect thing to do. Guess God has a better way, even in the way wedeliver earth shattering news.

    I’ve had a bit to calm my heart and listen to God. I shared your blog with John and he has had time to read it. He told me that it stirred up a lot of not-so-long ago emotions as he read it. I have to admit it brought up some not-so-long-ago emotions in me as well. But as I said, I’ve had a time to go back over the continuing saga that Heath Memorial has shared with John as we’ve prayed him through this past year and my spirit heart is saying the same things for you: that God is soverign, that He loves you (and Mike, the kiddos, Dr. Tim, your Mom (you get the drift) and that He always has our best interests next to His heart. That doesn’t mean that the journey we take is easy, smooth or the one we’d choose for ourselves. But God knows the perfect path for us to take and the people we need to meet along the way. I KNOW you are not happy with this “thing”, and honestly, I’m not either. But you certainly don’t travel it alone (although you’re the one with the Drs., the testing, and the surgery). Try as best you can to have peace with the new trail. We all may find it to be more magnificent than it ever looks from today.

    As for the song thing. I went from Godspell (Day by Day) to some obscura 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s things that really don’t fit but only annoy you when they stick in your crawl. But finally landed on a Mark Schultz song I’ll probably use for the graduates on Sunday (that is if I’m even able to get out a croak after all the VBS music these past few days!!) called “Live Like You’re Loved”. Hang on to the chorus:
    Live like you’re loved by the Lord up above
    Spread out your wings and never give up
    ‘Cause you can do anything, be who you’re meant to be
    Always remember to dream
    And keep your head up
    Oh and lived like you’re loved.
    Because you are!! By us, by you family, by your friends, but most of all by the God who dreamed you and cares about every fiber of your being. So live like you’re loved..


    P.S. Yes, Everybody loves Raymond, but you have a more interesting and CONNECTED life!

  2. Hey Narcie,

    As you were watching Raymond, I was watching 20/20 about some church teaching children that God hates those who are different etc. It infuriated me…my God is a loving God and we are all praying for you here in the big city of Orangeburg.

    I love you – I love how you write, you pull people in and let us know what is going on. I know how you are and I know that writing is the easiest way to avoid answering a million questions.

    I am glad little man had a good bday…I am coming next weekend come hell or high water.

    In a corny moment, I just wanted to say that you are the best friend I have ever had. I love you – all of you and am blessed to know you . Hang in there…I already claim victory in my best Baptist Holy Roller voice.

    Love, Brooke

  3. “I’ve learned that the only way to live this life is in community.”

    You know who said that? Risher. 10 years ago when he was retiring from Wesley. Of anything he said – and he said so much that changed me and helped make me who I am today – it was this that has STUCK. I’m glad he said it, and I took it to heart, because in some ways it has made life “easier”. As I looked around over the last year at Winthrop after he retired, I saw community around me. I learned what that was, and what it is about. And what a community that was! And still is today. For me, it was what was the most difficult about graduating and moving on. Now wherever I go – work, church, whatever – I know that I have to find community to be happy. Community to thrive and to have a support system. What a community God provides us with when we least expect it, when we need it most, and when we don’t think we need it at all. What a community that has risen up around you!

    You know what I was thinking about yesterday? Our Lake J adventure with the Waffle House. The random truck bouncing off the building right into poor little Rahab. And all the craziness that surrounded it. The crushed gas tank that we didn’t know about and drove home on, the Waynesville locals (no offense to anyone, I mean that with love) that emerged on the scene. Ha.

    Anyway, back to community. Embrace the community as it rallies and embraces you. Strength is found there, and God has put it in place to be there, no matter what.

    Keep the blogs coming. Love hearing what you have to say, and I can see your crazy self saying it.

    Love you bunches.

  4. Back when I had my seizure in South Dakota and went through all the same tests when I got back (the touching the nose thing does get annoying), I had the slept deprivation test. It was pretty harmless as far as tests go. Staying awake ahead of time was annoying. They were measuring to see if I had any more mini-seizures while my brain was over tired. You are allowed to sleep while the test is going on, but that’s pretty hard to do, just knowing what you’re going through. I somewhat know what you’re going through and was blessed with a random diagnosis that is rather harmless – well except for seizures – so you are certainly in my prayers. It’s tough to rely on others (I couldn’t drive either) but you do realize how good God is to have put certain people in your life at the time when you need them most. Good luck Narcie, my prayers are with you!!!

  5. Narcie,
    Just wanted you to know we are praying for you and your entire family. Pastor Paul Wood lifted you up in prayer this am @ FUMC-Cheraw so I hope you are feeling the prayers coming from this way. We pray for your strength, peace and comfort, and for the wisdom of your medical family. Keep up your good, positive outlook and know that we love you. Lots of prayers going up ALL week for you!!

  6. Narcie! We’re just getting caught up on your, um, excitement. I hope it goes without saying that you will be on our minds and heart (you’re already there!) and prayer lists! We love you like crazy, and we’ll do our best to love that stupid tumor out of your brain! 🙂 And I hear you on the repeating doctor dance. My favorite is when a new doctor says, “Were there any complications with the pregnancy or birth?” Um, yeah, check the chart. And one silly doctor actually changed her summary to say that she was born at 36 weeks – if only! – so we’ve been correcting that mistake with every Vandy doc since. Oh, for the magic medical record system in the sky! I hope that that’s the worst thing you have to worry about! 🙂

    p.s. Becca wants to know if Enoch can pull you to work in his new wagon since you can’t drive. I’m sure she’d be happy to share hers with you as soon as she gets this walking thing down.

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