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The Hills

Yes, I’m starting to think I watch too much tv.  However I gave up on The Hills when LC left and there’s nothing really on television right now, so whatever – everyone needs a little catch up.  Why in the heck is Audrina talking to Justin Bobby?  Enough of that.

Well, I’m here at Annual Conference.  Mom and I are living it up in the nice hotel room while Dad and Josh are sleeping outside to raise money for the Central Conference Pension Initiative.  Funny.  I had originally promised that I would spend at least one night outside in solidarity but since I’m only here one night, might as well enjoy the hotel room!  I did help make the posters and construct Josh’s gurt.  Probably spelled that wrong.  If I had a camera I would take you a picture but I totally can’t describe it.

Love, love, loved eating some good bar-b-que with the section 316 folks.  It’s good to break into conference with some love and fellowship and church because we are each other’s church.  We’re each other’s community and it’s good to know that and feel that and trust that.  I hope people take advantage of the tent city and sharing meals and sitting with and getting to know new folks because it’s so important to step out of our little boxes and get to know each other and ways other than that superficial.  We have prayer requests that go out over the conference email list but really knowing each other takes a bit more than just sitting through business once a year.  I’m glad that that’s not all that Christian conferencing is and I’m real glad that we can have a little fun and real relationship here.

So as I watched Josh build his hexayurt or whatever the heck it’s called, I saw I missed a call and listened to a voicemail from the neurosurgeon.  He’s on vacation this week but had received the MRI and functional MRI results.  He gave me his cell number and I called him back and talked with him and let me tell you – that was so good.  To call and talk to not an operator or someone taking my information or just doing a courtesy call, but to the real, live doctor that’s going to be taking out this tumor.  He said that the tumor is right beside the motor cortex but it has not invaded it.  I’m telling you I was thinking about the matrix and those yucky bug looking things that try to break into the ship and I’m thinking heck yeah go motor cortex don’t let that yucky stuff get in there, but that’s my weird brain for you.

Anyway, he said that he should be able to get most of it and that should be the main tricky part – the posterior deep lateral part – whatever that means but those are the area to pray for great precision.  Another prayer would be that he said we can hope that under the microscope it will be obvious what the bad brain matter is and what the good brain matter is based on how they look.  So may that be crystal clear – maybe not matrix like yucky stuff, but nevertheless clear.  He said that there is a small chance of some side effects and potential harm, but that the hope of getting it all out is far outweighs the bad potential so I’m good with that.  He again said what they told me about the one night in neurointensive care and then 3-5 days after that but he (and this is why I like him) leaned more towards the 3 days.  His hope was that in 2-3 weeks I’d be getting my energy back and would be ready to rock and roll and that they could then monitor things by MRI.  The pathologists won’t fully get anything back about what the tumor is, etc. for about 2-3 weeks so hopefully as I start to feel better we can then find out what the heck this whole thing was.

I felt a gazillion times better after talking to him.  Hugely.  He said that he would answer any questions I had on Friday as well – gosh, it’s nice to be able to ask questions.  I feel better.  Or maybe that’s the smell from the sharpie markers that we used to make signs for the Central Conference Pension Initiative.  Either way – I feel like giving my brain a high five for keeping the tumor from invading certain parts and I can feel the prayers around me.

Prayers for all of the many people wrestling with stuff right now – whether that be next steps, destinations, or unsettling news.  May we each have the good sense not to go it alone and the community of support around us to carry us home.

10 thoughts on “The Hills

  1. Hi Narcie- Just wanted to leave a note telling you and the whole Jeter/McClendon fam that I am thinking about you! Sending much love and many prayers your way!

    Love, Lindsay

  2. God IS good and He is right there beside you ALL the way!!! We are so excited about the good news. Our prayers continue…you just REST, RELAX and RECOVER. Godspeed!

  3. What positive news, and yes, you are so right, it is so good to speak with a person who can give you the proper information and truth that you need. I know the anxiety you and the entire family are feeling today but God is good and He will give you the peace and strength to get through the days ahead. Please share my love with Mike, Tim and Cindy.

  4. My dear Narcie, you are in my thoughts and prayers and will be every single day. Know that you are loved.


  5. Narcie,

    You and the doctors who are treating you are in my thoughts and prayers. May they be at their very best when they extract that tumor, and may whatever caused it never appear again.

    Debra Boyd

  6. Sounds like good news! Sending our prayers for you, your family, and your awesome neurosurgeon! Tell your Dad Hello! I really miss him.

  7. Narcie, I know so many people wanted to get to you today, but I was so glad to get to see your smiling face, if only briefly. I hope you can get some rest tonight. As I told someone else, I should also be sleeping outside tonight! But I’m sorta glad I booked a hotel before I knew about what your brother was doing–that storm that blew up during worship was a doozy!! Please know, as you and your family try to get some rest tonight, that you are surrounded by many prayers. I look forward to introducing you and Enoch to our new little Russian adoptee when we’re both on the other side of these struggles of life right now (Enoch and Artyom are only 5 months apart in age!)…

  8. I almost wrote “Be brave and be strong” but you ARE brave and you ARE strong. Prayers for you, your awesome family, and for the skilled hands of your surgeon. I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow and hoping for a quick recovery.
    Love, Kelly

  9. When you mentioned seeing a missed call, I thought you were referring to Josh building his gurt, like that was his true calling and he missed it. Silly me.

    So glad that you got to talk to the doc – that he gave you his cell number – what a champ!

  10. Last year Lachlan underwent open heart surgery. He was fragile, sickly, and only ten weeks old. They stopped his heart, repaired it, and started it up again. Today, you would never know he had a moment ‘under the weather.’ What modern medicine can do is unbelievable, have faith in it. What God can do, well, you walk with Him daily so you know. What you might not know is that your faith in Him is an inspiration. Especially to those of us who may not exactly be giving Him all the ‘mad props’ He deserves! Your fortitude is inspiring as well. I have always thought that you seemed to be a very strong person. After reading your words I find my thoughts to be quite accurate. Keep on being You. Your Faith and Fortitude will see you through.
    We’ll be sending out a steady stream of positive thoughts from Georgia!

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