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Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

We just caught the end of Dirty Dancing which you can’t hear that stinking song at the end and not think about that movie – “For I’ve had the time of my life….”  Mike is now watching Family Guy.  Why is it every night around 10:30 when he can’t find anything to watch – we end up on TBS watching Family Guy?  It never ceases to amaze me how this show is still on the air and uncensored.

The wonderful lady at the doctor’s office called and said that we will meet with the nurse and doctor on Wednesday when they will take out the stitches and will go over the pathology report and the plan of action.  So Wednesday afternoon it is.  At least we now know when it is.  I’m trying not to complete fast forward tomorrow and Wednesday morning, but I must admit in our world of DVR – it sure would be nice to be able to fast forward some things.

Then again, I would miss such awesomely precious moments.  Enoch, Evy and I have eye goop right now and the amazing Dr. Paxtor at Sunshine Pediatrics which is the best pediatric group there is by the way has us all fixed up.  Enoch actually went to bed around 6 pm which is unheard of.  There is no telling when that kid is going to wake up tonight so here’s to hoping for the best!  Evy was her hilarious wild self until 8:30.  She is one of the most adorable girly little girls.  It amazes me because I’m not really a girly girl.  She’s just girly.  No other way to describe it – dainty and expressive and girly.  She’s tough too though.  When she got shots last week for her 16 month check up she didn’t even cry.  I’m glad we’re raising a strong little girl.  I wasn’t someone that grew up watching Dirty Dancing.  Truth be told – wasn’t allowed to watch it until I was too old to really care, but as cheesy as it is, I did always like the “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” line.  And since Enoch still calls Evy “Baby” most of the time, I think that’s pretty hilarious.

I like the both of our kids are so uniquely them.  They are as exuberant and happy as two children can be and just as mischevious (I secretly love the mischeviousness and think it’s adorable).  I like that they have their own personalities and do things in their own way and nature or nurture – they are each their own person.  We have raised them the same – if Enoch wants to play with a doll or Evy a train – who cares?  It’s just funny how they interact and learn and grow and change and just are.

Someone on facebook posted on Father’s Day that not all of us have had the greatest earthly father but each of us has a heavenly Father that created us and knows us intimately.  She cited Psalm 139.  I love this Psalm.  I don’t necessarily know if facebook is the way to share that message to some random person out there that grew up with a cruddy father or if that would just tick them off more, but you never know how God will speak to some one and you can’t beat Psalm 139 for talking about the Creator.  It’s the uniqueness – the whole special snow flake thing – that makes our human interaction to interesting and complicated and special.  We are each uniquely created and yet all of these unique many times strong-willed individuals still somehow manage to form community.  Even in the midst of our “me”-ness and our egos of being this special creation we are called to step outside of this self and reach out to the other.

Again, I think our faith is such a balance – a tricky but rewarding tight rope walk.  We are each “fearfully and wonderfully made” but we are each to “deny our selves and take up our crosses.”  Hmmmm….  It’s true nobody should put “Baby” or anybody in a corner, but it’s not a big group dance a la Dirty Dancing if it’s just Baby doing a solo macarena.  It’s something special when everyone joins in the dancing.  When we each step out of the corners of our lives and our hearts and join in the great dance all around us – that’s what makes it really special.

So I hope that even as awesomely individual as Enoch and Evy are – that they know not only that they are special and unique and loved but that they are part of a larger story and dance that encompasses us all in mighty ways together.

Mike’s flipped it to the World Cup now.  I think that’s a sign to stop blogging.  Will try my best not to fast forward to Wednesday and will seek to live in the moment and in the precious time in the present – even if waiting completely stinks sometimes.   Love to each of you!  And thanks for your dance!

2 thoughts on “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

  1. I have been in awe of your mini sermons. So great your words. (I am AA to Noble Miler pastor at Whaley Street UMC, Columbia and bookkeeper at Columbia Wesley Foundation w/Tom Wall. In 19oh whoey, I was a student at Winthrop and remember my days at Wesley (Helen forget last name was Director. Prior to Winthrop I was a graduate of Spartanburg Junior College (then) and took a group trip to a national conference of then MSN in Indiana. As a lowcountry girl I was out of my box.
    Now as an elderly (69) single parent mom who raised two fine young adult married ladies w/my first grandchild five months old (Hamp is precious!) as I have battled w/Multiple Myeloma for years and possibly facing the beginning of chemo, I am so thankful for you and your words, family, friends, birds, animals, work. Bless you, LUV Jean

  2. You raise me up! Thank you for your blog…I feel like my mind and faith need to hear what you have to say. Such a gift!

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