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Call from Doc

Just to keep y’all updated on the medical part of this blog.  I talked with the doctor yesterday and he assured me that the Tumor Board agreed with his plan to wait this out for 3 months and then do an MRI to see how/if things grow/change.  Since they don’t know how long the tumor was there, they’re not sure how all of this will play out.  He did say that there’s no radiation needed right now so that’s good news.

I asked a lot of questions about it being a grade 2 tumor and what that meant.  I also really hedged on asking the question I really wanted to know specifically about this type of tumor but he was wise enough to know what I was asking.  He responded, “So you’re asking about life expectancy.” And I said yes.  And he said that there’s a wide range.  The tumor may come back in 2-3 years or 10 years or could be even longer.  A lot of it depends on how all of these MRI’s play out.  Bottom line – there’s no set answer for what this is going to look like in the long run.  But there’s no immediate threat.  This is not a grade 3 or 4 tumor.  And we are VERY thankful for that!

I know that your prayers had and will continue to have a great impact on these outcomes and I thank you for all of them.  I thank you for all of the cards and support and even pictures in the sand (loved that one!).  I thank you for walking with us and keeping us in your hearts.  Your support has been amazing and I seriously could never thank you enough.  We don’t know what the future holds.  No clue.  But we know who walks with us each step of the way.

I’ll meet with the neurologist next week and we’ll go from there on that end.  And other than that – it’s time to keep rockin and rollin with life.  Thank y’all, thank y’all, thank y’all!  Can’t say it enough!

3 thoughts on “Call from Doc

  1. Dear Narcie, we are thanking the good Lord for this report. You have been such a strong young lady, Your faith is amazing. We will continue to pray for you and your family each day. We pray for your strength, comfort and peace.
    In Christian Love,
    Daisy and Ashley

  2. I am a survivor of multiple myeloma. Chemo will be in my future. I get real JOY FROM YOUR AWESOME WORDS. JEAN, AA, WHALEY STREET UMC, COLA & BOOKEEPER AT COLUMBIA WESLEY FOUNDATION!

  3. Narcie, I’m a friend of your dad’s from the Connectional Table, and an admirer of yours from afar over here in Texas. May your life continue to be a blessing to your family, church, and all within the reach of your words!

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