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No Negative is Positive

So that’s what the doctor said today.  No negative change is positive news.  Mike and I went to see Dr. Smith today and he showed us the scans.  I like to have visuals so I’m glad he showed them to us.  There’s still a bright part that could be scar tissue, swelling or still some of the tumor – but as Mike said – there’s no new players in the band.  Ie. there are no new negative things.  So that is good!

Mike started asking a lot of questions in typical deep voice, serious form and Dr. Smith responded, “Right…you’re the questions guy.”  That was funny.  He asked why the image still looked like that with like a hole there and he said that I would never have another normal looking brain MRI again.  The brain doesn’t grow back and the tumor was in part of the brain matter so therefore some of it is gone.  Very little though.  Ridiculously I was taking it very personally that Mike was talking about my brain and part of it not being there even though I know I’m still me and I’m okay.  Anyway, the funniest thing of the afternoon – Mike says well we only use a small percentage of our brains anyway, and Dr. Smith says something along the lines of well she didn’t really need that part anyway.  Yay!

Mike is excited by all of this news!  No negative change is a positive report.  We’ll keep doing MRI’s every 3 months for awhile and we’ll see what happens.  Dad on the phone earlier asked what could have made the news perfect?  Well that my brain is normal of course.  That it’s not always going to look like that on an MRI.  That there’s no bright smudgy line that’s still there.

But hey – I’ll take “No negative is positive” any day of the week.  This paired with some folks dropping off some paper towels as donations to Wesley – have made the day sunny again – and even in my un-air conditioned building – that is good.

11 thoughts on “No Negative is Positive

  1. Yes! Girl, you’ve got more brain than most of us – even if a tiny portion is missing. This is great news. I’m excited for you. God is good! Love you!!!

  2. Friend of Erica dropping by. I am glad to hear that the news is generally of the positive variety. As for the MRI and the hole, you never know what God will do. It’s only in the last decade or so that we’ve started to discover some of the brain’s self-repair mechanisms. Recognizing that it’s okay if the MRI always looks like that is a good thing, because it keeps you from building up resentment or other emotions that would inhibit God’s plan for you. I’m just not 100% convinced that can’t grow back is a guaranteed as medical science grows in its knowledge of the brain. Much of the brain is still a mystery.

  3. I’m so glad for the news from the MRI, Narcie! Hope you’re coming to Cheraw for our Heritage weekend on Oct. 2. We’re looking forward to seeing the McClendons & Jeters.
    We’ve been busy trying to make it a very special time in the history & life of our church.
    Hope to see you! God Bless you & your family. Sincerely, Mary

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