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Thank You for the Daffodils

The only way my camera took a decent picture was in the shadow...

We have some daffodils that appear about this time every year.  Some might think they actually look kind of pitiful.  They’re the only flowers that we have planted anywhere on the Wesley or Wesley House property and trust me when I say that we don’t do anything “special” for them to appear every year.  The first year I was here, I noticed them and thought what a blessing they were that spring.  Nice, bright and yellow flowers that suddenly just appeared.  Now after watching them bloom for five years, watching them just appear out of nowhere in our bare flower beds, I am so thankful to see them.  It amazes me that we haven’t had to do any work to keep them or make them bloom.  We just get to enjoy them! 

It reminds me very much of the text this past Sunday from Matthew talking about the flowers that neither spin nor toil and the birds of the air and how if God can clothe them so beautifully, how much more can God take care of each of us.  (Matthew 6:24-34) Never more than seeing those daffodils today have I felt the glory and peace in that text.  No amount of miracle grow or extra water made these daffodils so beautiful – they just are.  So even in the midst of the most trying or worrisome of times, may we enjoy and bask in the sunlight of the One who created us and who brings us new life every day.  May we trust that we will be provided for and that we just need to trust, hold on, and enjoy exactly where we are!

What are some things that we worry about?

Do you ever go about your day and suddenly you’re in a worried or stressed mood and you’re like – what happened?  What changed?  Often I find that if I look back to what started this “worry cycle,” it was something that pricked my own fear or discouragement.  By figuring out what started it and giving that to God, it’s easier to move on and not let the things that we can’t control or the things that seek to hurt us, have any power in our lives. 

We look to the birds, even the crazy seagulls, geese, and ducks at Winthrop lake, and we know that God provides.  I look to these daffodils that miraculously appear offering the promise of Spring and that extra burst of joy even in the midst.

What are some of the beautiful things in your life that God has blessed you with?  What happens when we worry?  How can God speak to us in the midst?

So with the beautiful bright sunlight, for some reason this is how my camera took a picture of the daffodils. Wowzers!