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Sometimes the little things…

Evy loves playing with my toothbrush.  She does.  It happens.  I know I should think this is gross and I know we’re exchanging germs, but in the scheme of things, I don’t really care if she’s playing with my toothbrush.  She’s not using it to clean the toilet or scrub the floors so that’s a plus.  Both the kids had strep throat about a month ago and the 10 days of antibiotics and trying to get those things down them, was a challenge.  Enoch finally starting taking the medicine like a “big boy” hallelujah but we had to practically hang Evy upside down to get her to take it.  Oh the fun of parenting!

A week after that low and behold Mommy wasn’t feeling well and my throat was just plain gross.  Strep throat it was.  Immediately the doctor asks, has anyone you know been sick with strep throat?  Yep.  The two kids.  Did you change out their toothbrushes?  As soon as he asked the question, I know for sure and for certain how I got my lovely strep.  It’s crazy how a simple, small thing like letting your two year old play with your toothbrush can cause something that makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning and feel terrible.

It’s not like Evy did it to intentionally get me sick and it’s not like I thought about – hmmmm, let me give myself strep today.  Not at all.  But sometimes the small decisions we make that seem to have no impact on our lives at all, can creep up on us in major ways.  Eating those couple little hershey kisses every day can add up to a lot of chocolate and a lot of pounds over the year.  Putting off quiet time alone with God, intentional prayer, Sabbath and time to refresh, or times of reconnecting and quality time with friends, family and our spouse/significant other can seem like a lot of small decisions, but the impact over time can really knock you off course.

I’ve been doing a lot of premarital counseling sessions lately because there are 4 Winthrop Wesley related couples getting married this summer.  Very exciting!  I love officiating at weddings.  I did the premarital counseling for another couple in grad school here at Winthrop who are getting married in Florida and they really wanted to do the 5 Love Languages quiz.  Most of the quizzes or exercises or things we talk about center on communication and being intentional with time and priorities.  These and the 5 Love Languages show that the little things really do add up.  It’s the small decisions that we make every day that paint the big picture, not just the grand gestures.

So in essence, instead of just looking at the big decisions like jobs, houses, and marriage prayerfully and with wisdom and care, we should apply that same amount of discernment to how we choose to react to the everyday.  A lot of these little things have to do with our mouth – are we showering forth blessings or curses.  In Proverbs 12:15-23 there is all sorts of wisdom about our words and the power that our mouths can have.  Maybe sometimes it is best to not say anything at all.  Maybe sometimes to not speak up and say something is an injustice or cowardly.  It really does depend on the Spirits leading.

May we today be mindful of our actions, even the little things.  May we feel peace and wisdom as we go through our day so that our hearts and minds aren’t off to the races and reacting before we’re thinking.  May we acknowledge and confess that sometimes things that we don’t think are a big deal at all, can have profound affects on our lives and the lives of others, and may we reflect and purposefully go forward spreading the love of Christ, the joy of grace, and the meaty thanksgiving that comes when we are in pace with God’s Spirit.

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