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It’s good to be.

It’s good to be at Wesley.  In my little universe.  Catching up on email and listening to my itunes.  Songs from Dawson’s Creek soundtracks.  Bahahaha….and all sorts of things.  A couple have stood out this morning.  Amy Grant’s Better than a Hallelujah

is one of them.  By the way – I own all the music I post.  Not the youtube videos of course, but just sayin – support your musicians people.

I also love Tom Conlon’s music.  His Emmanuel  is one of my favorite songs and always makes me think of my ordination.  I also love this one that to many says a lot about church – God doesn’t reside in a church but God resides in God’s community here on earth.  Such simplicity and such power.  Here’s the video of it

  Here’s one called Old Town that he did at Wesley

I reconnected with one of my best friends this morning and it almost brings me to tears even writing about it.  There’s something about shared experience!  She and I used to eat these awesome rolls from the restaurant Hop’s.  They’re much like the ones at California Dreamin’ but better.  That’s what the title of her email was this morning and not even seeing the name – I knew who sent it.  There’s something about the breaking of bread and shared experience.  Something far more powerful than we can encapsulate or wax eloquent on this side of life, but to me that’s the importance of breaking bread.  My favorite bits of ministry and of this walk of faith in general has been around the table whether growing up with covered dish dinners (my favorite – you can’t beat the desserts) or sharing around the dining room table at Clairmont Religious Life and talking about Lord knows what or sharing in communion around our coffee table at Wesley.  It’s the food for the body and the soul.  God loves you.  God forgives you.  Supper’s ready!  Thanksgivings for all of the meals I have shared along the way with so many people and thanks to the one who sustains us each step of the way with the morsels of hope, love, and peace that keep us keeping on.  I am grateful.

7 thoughts on “It’s good to be.

  1. YOUR blogs bring me to tears!!! We are so thankful for your faith and POSITIVE attitude! Keep it up, gal—you are an inspiration to us all!! Prayers continue !

  2. When I think of Dawson’s Creek or see any reruns, I think of all of us PACKING into your parents house in Rock Hill every week. Good times. 🙂

  3. You don’t know me Narcie, but I am Marissa’s stepmom, Karen. I just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to Marissa – more than you’ll maybe ever know. Silence and peace to you.

  4. Hi Narcie, needless to say you are in our prayers. One day at a time – God supplies all we need.

  5. Narcie, I love your attitude. CMC is where Kathy had her spinal tumor removed last year, and we had a great experience. He doctor specializes in tumors that often appear in the spine and brain, Taylor Gerald (or Gerald Taylor). He was great. But, everyone at CMC was great.

  6. I remember the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack!! Can’t believe I’ve been away for two years. Know that there is never a day that you or Wesley don’t come to mind. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you or Wesley, and the many talks that were had in your office. I miss you and love you tons. Praying for you constantly. “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

  7. I think everyone at CMC is great also. My surgery was no where near as such as yours but I really felt taken care of before I even ask for anything. Can’t wait to see you! luv u! Donna

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