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Not going for that annual quite yet…

Hi y’all!  So as always there are highs and lows in a day.  (Can’t decide whether watching The Bachelorette right now is a high or a low…much better on fast forward to the decent parts.)  Mike and I dropped off the CD of the previous MRI/CT Scan at the neurosurgeon’s, I got a quick lesson on all this brain stuff from a wonderful Emory friend, and our GPS got us to Carolinas Medical Center.  I’ve never been to the real one – just having babies at the one in Pinevile.

We parked way far away because we had no clue where to go but we finally figured it out and it made for a beautiful day to walk.  Filled out some more forms and then got to talk to the anesthesologist and a nurse.  I’ll get to the hospital at 11:15 am and they’ll take all of us up to the 5th floor and get them settled in the waiting room, will bring me in, I’ll get to see everyone one last time, and then we’ll begin.  They’ve blocked out the room for up to three hours.  I should be in the neurointensive care for at least one night and then in the hospital 3-5 days.  Okay.  There we go.  So then giving a couple more tubes of blood, we were back in the sunshine.

Time to hit up Rock Bottom Brewery.  Completely randomly they sat us in the same booth that we were in over 9 years ago when we talked to Mike’s parents about us getting engaged and began wedding planning with them.  Oh, ironic.  In the midst of this I get a phone call and it’s not a number I recognize and let me tell you – we are screening some calls these days.  So Mike answers “Narcie’s phone, Mike speaking” and I think okay he’ll probably be on there for a while but quickly he hands it over to me and whispers “OB-Gyn.”  I’m thinking what in the heck do they want at this point?  And the very nice lady says, Mrs. Jeter you haven’t scheduled your annual appointment yet.  I know I probably should have just penciled it in to the looming calendar that I had in my pocketbook but I couldn’t help myself and said – welp, I was told a week ago I have a brain tumor and they’re operating on it on Friday and I don’t think I’ll be getting to that appointment any time soon.  LOL.  We both had a good laugh.  She said to call back any time.  It’s important – keep in good health people – but not in the scheme of things right now.

I didn’t realize until today being in there that my life is going to change for awhile.  I mean I’ve had that realization in pieces over the past week and a half but Mike and I also decided at a certain point that I needed to live my life as normally as possible.  In the midst of that though I’m now thinking oh wow what do I need to do before Friday?  We went and bought some books and some toys for Enoch and Evy for the days to come.  I got to play with the kiddos in the bath tonight and put both of them to bed.  Mike asked the nurse today if when I come back home, I can really come back home.  In other words – in our world here there is no rest, Mommy napping, etc.  There is Silly 1 and Silly 2 – my two wild and crazy E’s.  She said we’ll have to ask the doctor.  Should be interesting.

Tomorrow Enoch will go back to school, Evy will have our 16 month check up, and I’ll do some work at Wesley for one of the last times before Friday.  Then we’ll head to MRI land and will see what Presbyterian Hospital looks like.  This has been a sort of weird medical scavenger hunt.

Earlier I posted one of my favorite Laura Story songs.  I actually like most of her new CD – great stuff!  One of my all time favorites of hers though was when she was with Silers Bald and it’s called “Grace.”

  Glad that we can start each morning with mercies anew and grace afresh!  Check it out…

12 thoughts on “Not going for that annual quite yet…

  1. Hi Narcie – it’s Penny Nash from your RE501 class at Candler. I learned about your situation from seeing something on Facebook and wanted to stop by to say how sorry I am that you are going through this and that you will be in my prayers. I have a niece who had surgery for a brain tumor three years ago when she was 16 and a friend who went through this last year; I myself am a breast cancer survivor. So I have an idea about how scary this stuff is and also how wonderful it is to feel the prayers of all your loved and liked ones lifting you up to carry you through it. Blessings on your doctors and caregivers and God’s peace to you and your family.

  2. Dear Narcie ~
    Love you and will keep you, Mike and family in prayer.
    Healing, Joy and Peace to you ~ Tommy Wilkes

  3. Hi Narcie!
    I love your sense of humor! At least you have a good excuse to not have your Annual – lol! God continue to give you peace and comfort! Know you are Loved!

  4. I love you girl! Your strength and view on things is amazing in the midst of all that is going on. Please remember that I am available for anything, playing with the kiddos, bringing dinner, laundry, hmmmm cat box cleaning…….hmmmm ok only for you…lol well God hears our prayers and will answer them faithfully and I can’t wait to see you beautiful smile and hear your wonderful laugh. See you at Conference. 🙂

  5. Bless you Narcie! Ray just told me about all of this the other day. What amazing strength you have! I enjoy your blog — it’s very real. Your comments bring back all those thoughts and feelings from when Zakk began having his seizures in 2007. In his case, they never did find the cause, but thankfully they are controlled with medication. Narcie, we are praying for you, Mike, Evy and Enoh continually. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding be yours now and forever more.

    Love, Vicki Reavis

  6. You always have loved that Grace song….I can play that now on guitar…I miss that band. Anyway..Presbyterian Hos. is awesome and it is where I had my eye surgery – remember? so they will take excellent care of you – and if not, bdawg will be up there. Love you girl….love how in the midst of everything you are still your silly self – silly number 4 in that house of yours. Praying for you friend. –I got all the Baptist praying for you

  7. Narcie,
    I am so sorry that you are going through this. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. It took me a while to find my “new normal,” but it came with a lot of time and prayer. Don’t get too frustrated when u can’t jump right back into the old mommy/wife/pastor role in just a couple of weeks months or even a year.Your life has just changed radically and your mind and body will need plenty of time to heal. I was a basketcase for a year and still am sometimes just with the thought of white spots on my brain, much less a tumor and looming surgery. You seem so strong in your blogs, Narcie, but if you are anything like me u are fiercly independent and will want to jump right back into your old life. But that’s when u have to take a deep breath and realize that that old life no longer exsists. Give yourself time to grieve and your body time to heal. I just wish someone would have told me all of this in the beginning. Your new normal will come…it’s just so hard being patient when you’re used to doing it ALL 🙂 Steadily praying!!!

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