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What to do today…

So I’m sitting at Wesley with a million and one things to do and that’s what I love about my job.  However I’m just sitting here eating peanut m&m’s and am thinking how wonderful all of you are to be praying for me.  I kind of don’t want to let any of the surgeons or medical people know about all this because feel the pressure!  =0)  It’s completely surreal that this is happening and that there are facebook groups being created to pray for me.  This can’t be my life.

But it is, and in the midst of everything I feel y’all’s love and support hugely!  It’s been great to catch up with friends from high school and college and grad school and my work at Emory and all of my wonderful Winthrop folks.  One of my favorite messages is from my friend Jan who I met while working in Religious Life at Emory.  Jan is Jewish and wonderful!  She said she’s sending up some Jewish prayers!  Hey if God’s chosen people are praying – tee hee….  The thing that is wonderful is that I love all of you.  Each of you has touched my life in intricate ways and this tapestry of love that is being created around me is powerful.  Again, no pressure doctors.

Just want to give each of you a hug.  One more hour of work before time to go give a copy of the MRI/CT Scan CD to the neurosurgeon.  Oh yes – there are pictures of my brain and the tumor on the CD.  If I could figure out how to post them I would, but I don’t have those mad kind of computer skills.  For some people it helps to see it and wrap the mind around it (it made me feel better like I wasn’t crazy for having a seizure and falling out of a bed randomly) but then padre didn’t feel better after seeing it – totally understandable.  So back to work and then off to deliver some pictures and find out what I need to do for pre-op!

  Love this video.  And her story.  And that she’s from South Carolina.  Check it out

10 thoughts on “What to do today…

  1. Praying especially this week…know that you are WRAPPED in God’s love and His people’s love!!

  2. Lifting you up in my prayers, friend. Thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.
    I love Laura Story! I met her last year as she did the music at our women’s retreat. Amazing! Hilarious, great storyteller as well.
    Love you! Carolyn

  3. Can’t tell you enough how much you mean to me. Love and blessings and prayers all around.

  4. Boy is the clock off on this site. I’ve evidently missed 4 hours of today. My computer says 2:14, yet the time posted is 6:14p.m. Where does the time go?

  5. Narcie – I’m a Winthrop ADPi who graduated in ’92 (Mica, Beth,Kim etc all know me). I’ve read enough of this blog to know its seizure related and a craniotomy may be performed. My own daughter had a full hemispherectomy (right half totally disconnected) about 5 years ago, and her life is pretty good. Craniotomies aren’t as involved, and there are never any guarantees, but there is a wonderful life to live when its all over. Our daughter is seizure free. I am praying for you and your family to find the strength to persevere through this time. Lean on everyone, I know you have the support and respect of the sisters for all you do for our chapter. Hugs and prayers coming your way. Kelly

  6. Just tell those doctors “no pressure” on them cause those prayers are coming there way too!!

  7. Narcie:

    My prayers are with you and all of your family. How do you think the doctors are going to feel when you tell them that the Annual conference of the UMC is in session and praying for you? Oh, yeah, let them we will be praying for them too! My friend David Braddon always signs his emails “the journey continues”. It really does. My prayer is that your journey continues in peace and and hope.

  8. Praying for peace beyond all understanding for you and your family. As a friend I am deeply moved by how the Lord can take one incident such as this and draw all these prayers and love to surround you. As I type and cold chills run down my arms I am reminded once again of just how much I love you and how god will use all of this for good. 😉

  9. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 Keeping you and your family in my prayers. We may not know the whys, but trust God. Sabine

  10. Dearest Narcie, You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and in my prayers. Thank you for sharing ALL! I know this is only a small delay in God’s plan for you and you will bounce right back and go onto great things. I am so thankful for you and thankful you know how many of us love you. You have such a profound affect on all you meet and God will continue to use you to His fullest. Continue with the comedy… that is who you are. Really girl, I can be there in a day. Prayers for Mike and your babies… brother, mom and dad. All you need to do is say come… I love you!

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