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MTV Movie Awards

I am totally not telling you to watch them because they are rather disturbing this year and there are so many things being bleeped out that you can’t understand half of it but it is pretty funny.

Mike walked in earlier and he’s like “What are you smiling at?” Guess I haven’t done that much today, and I’m like “They’re giving an award to Sandra Bullock and they’re showing clips from her movies.” So we got sucked in. Although now he’s flipping back and forth between hockey and basketball. It’s a night with absolute nothing on tv and all sorts of things to watch on tv all at the same time.

Thank y’all for the prayers! It had to be prayer that got me through this morning. I totally didn’t crash until after church and I know that had to be prayer so thank you!

The rest of the day today and yesterday has been good – hanging out with the kids, going to the park and the pool and watching Enoch play with his new trains, and watching Evy in her new dresses and bows. It’s been good. And there’s been great food (Mike’s grandmother sent chocolate-covered strawberries – who could ask for better?).

I know this is going to be a crazy week with highs and lows and it’s all going to be fine, but I’m tired and it’s a tired day. Enoch has been staying up til all hours of the night not wanting to sleep, don’t know if he feels the energy in the air or if he needs to not ever take naps anymore!

So not much to report in Jeterland today. Tomorrow begins the week of craziness and thankfully the kids will begin summer preschool in the morning so here’s to a good start for them! Thank you all for the prayers and support! I am deeply humbled, overwhelmed and hugely thankful for them. Much love!

5 thoughts on “MTV Movie Awards

  1. Narcie, just a few weeks ago, your dad and i were sitting under a big old tree at mill reek umc, talking about our families.our mary is facing the same surgery for seizures.the one thing i know from what we have been living is the wonderful ‘god’ people that will pop in and out of your life. you and your family will be in our prayers.may you be granted the peae that only God an give you. peace, dawn

  2. Hi Narcie,
    You are in the Morabito’s Prayers! God Bless you and give you patience and guidance this week!

  3. Narcie –

    Got word last week but was busy with my grandmother in the hospital. Hope you are hanging in there and getting geared up for a big week. You and the family are all in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be through all of this. I hope to see you at AC if you’re still planning to be there for a day.


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