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Goodmorning Doctor

I arrived at CMC this morning, and let me tell you that there is not much traffic at the wee hours of a Saturday morning. After being reprimanded for coming during shift change times I walked around and spoke with Narcie’s nurse. She told me Narcie did great last night, rested as much as she could, and had the MRI at 1.00 am! I then walked in with Narcie and she was sitting in a chair eating breakfast, grits, sausage, eggs, biscuit, & apple juice. Yeah, she’s feeling better, the grits were gone…
The doctor then came in and told us the MRI showed a bit of of the tumor was still there, but that was to be expected, the edges of the tumor were fuzzy. Now we wait for the pathology reports to give more info to make a plan of action (radiation and all that stuff). The doctor then said everything they saw indicates we do not need to act quickly. So the tumor has proven to still be not cancerous, and not too aggressive. Thank God! But prayers that the pathology report comes back with good news!

Well now she is in her new room and they are expecting her to go home tomorrow, crazy huh?! She will spend a few days at Josh’s house then in a few weeks will be back. Then just waiting for the next MRI…

Soon Narcie will post.

6 thoughts on “Goodmorning Doctor

  1. Praise God…He is sooo good, isn’t He? Our prayers continue—hope you all can rest a little easier now. Keep hanging in there and give her a gentle squeeze and hug for us. Godspeed!!

  2. fantastic. the power of prayer is so wonderful. we will continue to keep you all in our prayers for continued recovery.

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