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San Francisco

Mom and I watched a movie last night with Clark Gable and an opera singer called San Francisco.  Although her opera singing was not the favorite of my ears, the story was decent and talked about the great earthquake and fire of San Francisco and faith and all sorts of interesting historical stuff. It was much better than watching the cartoons, news and newborn channel on the hospital television.

So they’ve taken off the lefthand iv and took out the righthand iv this morning.  They removed the staples from the central line in my neck yesterday so the only things left to do to get me out of here is take the bandage off of my neck and remove the drip.  Definitely gives new thought to the phrase “brain drain.”  Other than that I’m doing pretty well.   I have to admit now that I wasn’t so sure that I was going to wake up as me.  I know that they didn’t say anything about me not being myself when I woke up but with the whole brain thing I was concerned that I was going to just be here but not really be here.  But I am here!  My head hurts of course – duh! but my real slightly silly brain is here and for that I am truly, truly thankful!  If I could do a little jig I probably would (I think of Papa Mac my grandfather dancing down the aisle singing Lord of the Dance with his two leg prostheses).

It’s been sad watching the news here with the floods and I can’t imagine what those families are going through.  Many prayers for each of them and all of the days, weeks, and years ahead.  I keep saying surreally that I just had brain surgery, but I certainly didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with water all around and losing my family.  May God’s peace, strength, and presence surround these people in ways that they can’t even comprehend.

It’s amazing to me the strength of the human spirit and that push to keep going whether to the frontier of San Francisco, that beautiful 16 year old girl wanting to get back out and travel again in her sailboat or in watching this World Cup action and the exhilaration and electricity that come from people uniting in a common theme and cause!  We’ll see what the doctors say in the days and weeks to come.  As Mike told y’all, the doctor got all of the tumor except one line that was where it was fuzzy and close to the motor cortex.  They’ll either wait and see, do some chemo and radiation or will go back in and do another surgery.  Either way looks like I won’t be making it to Nicaragua in August but I know the students will have a blast!

I’m tired and I’m definitely not back to normal, but it feels good to know that I’ll get to see my kids soon and that life is going on as usual for now.  Josh is leading a Bible Study at Annual Conference right now so Mom and I have been praying for him.  He and Dad will travel back this way this afternoon.  Caleb was with us the morning of the surgery and GiGi has been sending us updated picture messages on the phone of the kids.  Mike will be doing the music at St. John’s – Fort Mill this morning.  Renee, Guyeth and Rob visited yesterday and they were each a blessing!  Prayers for Lindsay, my cousin and Guyeth and Rob’s daughter who got t-boned by a car full of 5 guys last night in New Orleans.  Even though it flipped, her Explorer just seemd to have one dent which is a blessing but I know she’s going to be sore and shaken up so prayers for peace, relaxed muscles, and rest.

So life goes on and just like those people in the crazy movie San Francisco – it may not all be pretty and it may be a fight, but it is life and we serve and know and trust the One who goes before us and beside us and ever with us each step of the way.  Praise be to God!

This is the link I wanted to post for you on Friday – it’s a song from Amy Grant’s new record – “Overnight”

  I also wanted to share with you Michael W. Smith’s “Healing Rain.”

4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. You are AMAZING!!! We’re still praying for good results…you rest easy knowing you are in the hands of our Lord!!!

  2. Narcie, it is so good to “hear” from YOU!! God has already worked in mighty ways through your surgeon; we pray that further decisions and treatments will also bring God’s mighty healing for you. Your brother did a GREAT job this morning for Morning Prayer. He almost had me in tears. I know you’ll enjoy seeing the DVD at some point. And, of course, as we heard him, we were also praying for you. Those prayers will continue.

  3. Hi Narcie- I am so glad to know that the surgery went well and that you are headed home! I wish I had been able to say hi on Saturday, but I am so glad that Mom, Dad and Nayra were able to visit and that you have had your family around you all along the way. We all love you and are praying for you! May you have peace and rest and much love in the days to come.

  4. Narcie – prayers continue from my heart for you and your family. Everytime I read your blog it is filled with so much power and a strong witness of your faith. As you continue to think of the needs of others and remind us all of the need to continue to reach out and beyond ourselves to share God’s incredible love and the power of God’s grace and healing even as we seek these gifts of God’s hands at work in our own lives. Thank you for blessing me with your words and your beautiful heart for God and God’s children everywhere. I know the students you have touched in the past and the ones you continue to reach out to now and the ones who will be there waiting for you when you return to work are all truly blessed by your ministry among them. Prayerfully, always, Becky

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