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Hi y’all,

So I’m trying to have a little church up in here.  No I’m not singing loud and freaking out any nurses, don’t worry.  But a friend sent this Louie Giglio video to me last week and I remember one of my students this semester telling me about this amazing thing called Laminin that’s like the rebar of the body.  I like the image of the rebar because that’s what holds just about everything together in Nicaragua and it’s great, sturdy, strong stuff.  I don’t know how much of this whole laminin thing is true and I’m not always one to send out mass forwards and things like this, but I do think that it’s again so super cool and neat how amazingly intricate our bodies are and that there is a master Creator and Physician that builds us up from the inside out and holds us close.  Does that mean that this Creator God of ours loves those that don’t get well or get the answers they’d like to have any less?  Heck no.  But it does mean that the cross of Christ is ever before us calling us forth to new life and new beginnings and new realities each step of the way.  Maybe a cheesy video but very cool nonetheless.  How Great is Our God!

2 thoughts on “Laminin

  1. Girl, I don’t care what you write – I’m just so excited to see you writing. Just this minute got in from AC – missed you so much, but you were very much in my prayers. Will catch up later. Just know that I love you and am still praying.

  2. Narcie, I just heard about your ordeal and am thrilled to see you are doing so well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Griffin

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