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Clemson Game

Welp, we’re watching the Clemson game.  South Carolina’s going to Omaha so Dad is happy and hopefully Clemson will head that way as well.  Now that will be a big deal!

Resting today.  Taking the medicine and good ole steroids and hanging out on Josh and Karen’s couch.  We’re very glad that I can stay here so that the kids don’t freak out and I can rest but I miss them a ton!  Evy’s going to come for a visit while Enoch is at preschool tomorrow so that will be good.

Well the stitches are a lot farther across than we thought.  They go from one ear to two inches of the other which is a little insane – way to go modern medicine.  Karen set up a great scarf on my head earlier and so we should be good to go.

I’m really glad that this happened during the summer and that there’s some downtime built into everything.  I’m trying to process all of this slowly and deliberately and take things a day at a time.  We don’t have brain tumors in our family.  We don’t have any hereditary factors that we know of and yes we are waiting to hear the pathology reports.  When Mike asked the doctor on Friday if we should have hope that I wouldn’t have to worry about this over the next  5 years he said no, so I’m trying to realize that this is for the long haul and that it’s one step at a time.

They say that it is an astrocytoma which in more understandable words to me means that it’s shaped like a starfish.  It reminds me of the old proverb where the starfish keep washing up to shore and to save their lives you keep throwing back as many as you can but you really wish they would just stop washing up so you wouldn’t have to save them.  There are little bits that we can do every day to do our part to make the world a better place.  In my inbox this morning was a request from Bread for the World asking for help.  Below is their message.  I appreciate your help in calling and making your voices heard.  We can’t save all the starfishes in the world, but we can do the best we can with what we’ve been given.

Much love to each of you and God’s peace!

=0), Narcie

On Tuesday, June 15, Bread for the World members from across the country will visit their members of Congress on Capitol Hill to ask them to support millions of low-income working families who struggle to make ends meet.
I hope that you will be able to join us. If you can’t come to Lobby Day in person, please call your member of Congress on June 15. Please call your senators or representative using our special toll-free number (1-800-826-3688). Ask them to make the current Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit levels permanent.
You can explain your message by adding either or both of these points:
If Congress fails to preserve the Child Tax Credit at its current level, a full-time working parent receiving the minimum wage will receive only a $320 credit instead of the current $1,800 credit.  The difference—$1,480—is a modest amount of money that has a big impact on the lives of families struggling to make ends meet.
If the EITC and Child Tax Credit are not continued at current levels, 1.5 million people will fall below the poverty line, including 800,000 children. Find out how many people in your state would be affected.
The combination of a personal visit and your call make for a very strong witness for low-income families who need our help in making ends meet. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Clemson Game

  1. Narcie,
    I have kept a check on you since your surgery and I sure hope the pathology report returns negative. You are in my prayers every day, and I ask supplications that God will give you His great devine healing. Just keep that wonderful spirit and zest for life that you ALWAYS have and things will be better. Your 2006 can, and will come back to you. Our walks in the valley always makes us strong; when we are down there and seemingly alone remember God is walking with us and taking every step with us. He promised us if we remain faithful he will never leave us or foresake us.

    Blessings to you and your wondeful family
    Dave LeGrande

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