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Independence Day

I LOVE this movie!  I saw it in theater and anytime it’s on I have to stop and watch it.  Even back when we weren’t even dating, Mike and I saw this on a trip to Nicaragua in Spanish with English subtitles, and we both stopped to watch it.  I get caught up in the stories.

I’ve started the 5 days on chemo and three weeks off cycle and I’ve been struggling.  I can’t remember ever feeling this bad, then again as soon as I type that, I want to knock on wood.

Something someone said has never been far from my mind, if the trade off Is more years than I would have had otherwise, would I not do anything?  As the president’s wife is dying in Independence Day, I tear up every time.  Wouldn’t she have chosen to do whatever she has to in order to spend one more afternoon with her child?  So I’ll do what I have to do and be grateful that it’s not worse.

I will selfishly ask for prayers as I preach at Gator Wesley tomorrow morning and throughout our leadership team meeting.  Thanks for Mike holding down the fort with the kiddos.  Thanks for Pam and the new Assistant Directors holding down the fort at the office!

I hope to be back to my old self soon!

6 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. This too shall pass… But in the meantime we are praying for you and of course with you too. Let us know if we can do anything. See you in the morn where I know The Lord will be helping you thru the day!
    Baby steps my friend! B&B

  2. I will keep you in thought and prayer in the weeks ahead — chemo is like a bad trip except that you stand a chance of recovery if you take the drugs…
    Good luck and Godspeed with the conference.

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