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Bald is Beautiful?

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I took my hat off going through security at the airport (they made me) and my hat flew off at the beach earlier today so I’m naming the awkwardness of the patchiness of my head. It still hasn’t begun to grow back and they’re unsure whether it will grow back during chemo, if it will ever grow back. But we pray on. I never thought I would be saying a prayer about my hair.

3 thoughts on “Bald is Beautiful?

  1. one of my yoga teachers lost her hair to chemo and even though she is now off the drugs, she continues to keep her hair shaved close to her skull in solidarity with all who have lost theirs to drugs for this disease

  2. Can relate to feeling imposed on going through airports.When they have to feel u all over just because u can’t stand in the x-ray machine without holding on because of ur balance is degrading. U should not have had to remove ur hat either. Why can’t they just use the wand on u instead?
    Our niece was bald for years. Bald is beautiful!!

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